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What does Menu Champ cost?

Let’s chat!  Let us show you what Menu Champ can do you for your business, and you let us know how much it would be worth to you. 

What are the hardware and software requirements?

Currently Menu Champ POS runs as an android app, so you will need an android tablet. If you would like to print order tickets (highly recommended) you will need a wireless bluetooth 80mm receipt printer. You will also need a square account to process credit card transitions. We can help with all of the above.

How can customers pay me?

Customers pay either online via credit card, or in person using a square card reader, or cash.

What happens with the money and how often do I get paid?

Menu Champ uses the Square API to process transactions. Menu Champ does not at any stage hold any of your customers money. Your money is safely secured inside your Square account. Money is transferred to your account as per Squares system which is usually next business day. 

Can I use Menu champ for my (X,Y,Z) store?

Probably! Menu Champ was designed for food trucks and takeaway stores however the principal can be adapted to places like cafes, bars, nightclubs and more. Any business that could benefit from having an online pre-order and accurate wait time notification could use Menu Champ. Contact us for a chat.

How does the SMS marketing work?

Your customers details are captured at point of order, and then segmented into lists based on location where they have ordered. A use case would be if you set up in the same spot every Wednesday, just filter your customer list to those who have ordered from you before in that locaion and shoot them a text with your online ordering link! 

Does Menu Champ allow me to accept pre-orders?

Yes! Menu Champ allows you to accept pre-orders. If you know you are going to be busy, shoot a text or post on your socials your online ordering link and get your loyal fans to pre order in advance!

Can you help me set the system up initially?

Sure can! We offer free configuration and onboarding for our clients. We just need you to supply the information and we will get you up and running in no time at all. Contact us for more information. 

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