Receive online orders. Provide accurate wait times. Eliminate handwritten tickets. Take orders via easy to use POS. Notify customers via SMS. Prevent overselling food. Produce intelligent reports. Build a customer database. Grow your business.

Not your average food ordering system. 

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Boost customer satisfaction, improve productivity, increase profitability, with Menu Champ.

Increase Efficiency

Accepting orders digitally means eliminating staff mistakes with orders and counting cash. Orders print automatically to a bluetooth printer for the kitchen.

Customer Satisfaction

Provide accurate pick up times based on your capacity vs current orders.Then SMS customers when their order is ready. Provide great service to your customers!

Stop the Queues

Encourage more orders from the crowd when your line looks scary. Use Menu Champ to generate a QR Code and have your customers order on their own devices.

Grow Your Business

Heading out to a regular spot? You can notify your regulars via SMS and allow them to pre-order, providing them an accurate order ready time.

Easy to set up, simple to use, Menu Champ is the software solution you’ve been looking for.

Perfect for food trucks, takeaway shops, coffee vans, bars, night clubs, cafes and more.

Menu Champ is a digital menu solution that allows your customer to order online for pick up, in person at your business via scanning a QR code, or face to face via our easy to use POS screen. At time of order your customer is notified of an accurate order ready time based on your cooking capacity and current order queue. Food ready? Hit the notify button and send a text out to your customer to let them know.

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Much more than an online ordering system.

Packed full of useful features to build your business.

Accept Online Orders

Use your social media to advertise your location and take orders online ahead of time. Capture those tech savvy customers who like to order online for pick up later.

Auto Calculate Order ETA's

Delight your customers with accurate estimated pick up times based on your throughput capacity and current orders in the system.

Includes POS mode

Accepting orders digitally means eliminating staff mistakes with orders and counting cash. Online and in-person orders are consolidated in the one queue.

Print Tickets Wirelessly

Sick of scribbling out paper dockets and tearing off numers for the customer? Menu Champ orders print automatically to a bluetooth printer for the kitchen.

CRM for SMS Marketing

Menu Champ stores your customer details securely and tags them by location. Set up regularly in different spots? Shoot them a text with your online ordering link.

Reporting and Dashboards

Make intelligent business decisions based on facts, not assumptions! Drill down on key stats such as top selling items by quantity and revenue as well as busiest periods.
Bursting with clever features

Focus on doing what you do best, while we do the rest

Bursting with clever features that are simple to use, Menu Champ allows you to focus on doing what you do best, while we do the rest. Learn more about our technology that your customers could be using here. Online ordering, SMS notifications, accurate order ready time estimates at time of order are all standard.

The in’s and out’s

Love the nitty gritty operation side of your business?

Think wireless printers, order throttling, counters, oversell protection, multiple menu support, reporting and customer management.. Sound good? Check our more information regarding the back of house efficiency improvements your business could be using here.

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Boost Customer Satisfaction, Improve Productivity, Increase Profitability, With Menu Champ.

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